Message from the Founder

Saif Mansour

Welcome to Breakwater online.

Thank you for entrusting us with your assets and for working in partnership with us to build this innovative, high-growth private investment firm. We greatly value our relationship with you and with all the professionals we have the pleasure to interact with.

Breakwater is founded upon an unwavering commitment to three core values-based business principles: Partnership, Integrity, and Growth. These three principles form the fabric of our firm, guiding our daily business practices and how we approach fundamental duties.

At Breakwater, we work in close partnership with our portfolio companies, providing flexible capital solutions and significant insight to help propel these businesses and further their growth curve. Partnership is our first business principle, reflecting that we are first and foremost a relationship-based investment firm. We extend this same partnership approach to the investors in our partnership funds, to our co-investors, and to our dedicated and highly effective team of professionals.

Integrity is at the heart of our firm. It establishes the trust that builds successful relationships. In achieving growth for our clients and for Breakwater, we consider integrity to be the pivotal value—the connecting point between partnership and growth.

Accelerated growth for our partners is what Breakwater aims to deliver. Our objective is to achieve strong, sustained business growth for our portfolio companies, unrivalled growth for our investors’ capital through superior returns, and accelerated career growth for the talented members of our team.

We are in constant search for leading growth businesses, eligible investors, and other skilled professionals that share our core values and we can partner with in pursuing our objective of strong mutual growth. If you have an affinity for our values-based approach to business and would like to collaborate with us, we would very much like to hear from you.


Saif Mansour
Founder and Co-Managing Partner
Breakwater Management